Album Review: Tempest Rising – Calm Before The Storm (STREAM)

by on June 19, 2013

You probably haven’t heard of Tempest Rising, yeah, neither had I until now. The five-piece metal band hail from Perth, Australia and have only been around for about one and a half years but have a very cool thing going for them. It’s actually quite refreshing in all honesty to hear a band not try and use fancy shmancy electronics and just rely on the traditional instruments to do all the talking!

This 4 track EP is the build-up to a full-length album scheduled for release in 2014. When you press play and hear the opening riff of ‘My Extascy’, you immediately know this track is going to build up into an explosion of riffage and fast-paced beats. The vocals of Vin Trikeriotis immediately stand out showcasing the different ranges and styles that he can pull off. Reminding me of Sikth, the band has drawn influence from a range of different sub-genres including nu-metal and thrash with a tinge of alternative metal thrown in for good measure.  ‘The Descent’ could be mistaken for a song from the noughties, but the band have done something very cool and unique with their approach mixing it up with death metal growls and piercing screaming vocals.

This band is set out to write anthems with every track on the EP having an epic chorus mixed with sick breakdowns. ‘No Remorse’ draws back to the 80’s underground metal scene mixed with some awesome lyrics and melodies. ‘Hollow Dreams’ shows off that metal guys can write a radio friendly sweet song and is a great track for all the softies out there. I feel this EP showcase that the band is extremely talented in their songwriting but defining them in one metal genre is quite difficult, which in this day and age, with genres becoming more abundant than Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, can become a detriment. That being said, I think you should check them out, make your own conclusion, and appreciate the sheer talent behind the band. I am looking forward to the full-length, which hopefully features some more epic tracks!

Rating: 3/5

Stream here!

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